When you are almost done cooking dinner you turn the macaroni off to add the cheese sauce to it and notice that the pasta is too gummy. Do you make another batch of pasta or do you go without the pasta? You probably don’t have time to make another batch of pasta so your meal will not be complete this time. Cooking pasta does take some special attention in order to avoid any gummy or pasty pasta dinners.

When cooking pasta, put your water on the stove and bring to a boil. Salt your boiling water right before you add your pasta. As soon as you add your pasta, stir immediately. Stir your pasta every few minutes until the pasta is tender and then remove it from the heat immediately.

There are several ways to make pasta part of your meal. Add it to the main dish and create a casserole, add cheese or a white sauce in order to create a great side dish. Add pasta in soups to make your dish complete. Chill the pasta and turn it into a pasta salad. Because of the amazing taste of pasta you can create about any dish you want. Pasta can stand alone or blend together.

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