Halloween night would not be complete without some spectacularly scary Halloween costumes. The first question that any kid often asks when they wake up the day after Halloween is, “Where is all my Halloween candy?” and this is quickly followed by, “What am I going to dress up as next year?” The anticipation of dressing up in a spooky costume and Halloween mask gets everybody excited. The biggest thrill of Halloween has got to be transforming yourself into a monster, ghost, ghoul, vampire, witch, or other freaky Halloween costume characters. Of course, the most outrageous Halloween costumes are the best.

Where Did Halloween Costumes and Masks Originate?

Where did wearing Halloween masks and costumes actually start? So how did wearing a costume and mask for Halloween start? With the Celts. They held the belief that the spirits of the dead roamed the earth on Halloween night. Some of these spirits were amicable, but others were thought to be unfriendly and bitter towards those people who were still living and able to enjoy the fruits of the earth that the spirits once did. To camouflage themselves from these bad spirits, the Celts used soot to paint their faces. This basic method of disguising their faces developed, over time, into the more elaborate Halloween masks and accompanying Halloween costumes that are worn today. It also became traditional to emulate the frightening spirits by dressing up as ghosts or skeletons.

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